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Incredible Ways to Put Cake Scraps to Use

Incredible Ways to Put Cake Scraps to Use

Cake Scraps also known as leftover cake are the remaining small parts of cakes, many people throw these parts as they consider them as a food waste or a non-use food.

But please do not throw these scraps away! You can freeze them in the refrigerator, for more upcoming use, and they can last in freezer for more than a month.

Also what if we told you that we have some brilliant ideas to make a good use of these remaining? Our friends from click here gave us some great ideas how to reuse them Reading and applying these ideas will make you never throw cake scraps again…

- Cake sand:

Using cake scarps as cake sand is a wonderful idea, now you can put them on the sides or tops of your cakes and cupcakes, you can mix up different flavors together, or add them as a similar flavor, well it is your cake and your choice!

- Chocolate or cream trifles:

One of the methods to create a trifle; is to mix cake parts within the ingredients, so by using cake scraps; you have got already a big amount of trifle`s ingredients.

Mix scraps with your favorite trifle`s flavor, whether it is chocolate or cream, this is a real good replacement of cake bars.

- Ice cream Layer / mixture:

Everybody love to eat his Ice cream with a yummy surface layer, such as sweets, nuts, and crackers.

So you can decorate your ice cream with those scraps, or you can put them as a base layer in the cup, both solutions will give you a more delicious Ice Cream!

Also if you are a good Ice Cream maker, you can mix these scraps with Ice Cream mixture, before you freeze the Ice cream, this will gives you a wonderful tasty Ice Cream!

- Cake decorations:

Also you can put scraps on the surface layer of the cake as a decoration, you can create wonderful decorations using these small parts, use your creativity as well!

- Cereal mixture:

Many people like to eat cereal like corn flakes on their breakfast, why don`t you try to mix cake scraps with corn flakes and milk, this will give your usual cereal a new taste, and make it more delicious!

- Cake pops / balls:

A cake pop is often made of cake scraps, and originally; it was the most efficient way to make a good use of these leftovers, there are many recipes for making such a pop, pick one and you are already got your main ingredient.

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