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Tips To Effectively Clean Stainless Steel Cookware

Tips To Effectively Clean Stainless Steel Cookware

Kitchens differs all over the world, we have thousands and even millions of cooking methods, different recipes, and tools.

But on the same time we have some common elements in every kitchen, for example cookware materials, almost every kitchen in the world have tools and cookware made of aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.

Most cookers like to use stainless steel cookware, it’s better than aluminum, cheaper than cooper and coated cookware, and most efficient in cooking, also it lasts longer as a cookware when maintained in a good way.

Therefore if you have stainless steel cookware you ought to season it, clean it regularly, and dry it from liquids and water.

Usually seasoning surfaces with unstick material, will prevent food remaining from sticking to the cookware, but even though some surfaces are not so easy to clean after all. We are going to express some efficient useful tips here to clean your stainless steel cookware…

- Basic cleaning:

Every cookware needs a regular cleaning after basic use, this way is efficient with normal food remaining types, with no stains or burned surfaces:

  • A mix of your favorite soap dish cleaner and hot water will do the trick, pour in the mixture and leave it for a while, grease remaining will melt naturally, wash the cookware with your sponge cleaner, it will run smoothly on the surface, and pour on ordinary water to wipe soap.
  • If you do not prefer chemicals soap cleaners, you ought to use a “Green cleaning product”, also referred as eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Get a piece of ordinary cloth, or a kitchen microfiber towel, wipe and dry all stainless steel surface with it, drying water here isn`t about metal rusting, it is about getting the surface shiny, and preventing water spots from appearing on the surface.
  • Water spots are often appeared from dried water on stainless steel surfaces, as it caused by dried water minerals.

- Hard stains, sticky food, and burned spots:

There are many effective ways to clean off those kinds of sticks:

  • Make a mixture of baking soda and a little amount of water, pour it into the cookware, and leave it for an hour or so, spill the liquid, clean the surface with ordinary sponge, you will find the stained spots comes off so smoothly.
  • You can also boil water in cookware until hot water melt stains, while boiling; you can scrub the spots with a wooden spoon to ease the melt function, an ordinary wash will run smoothly to make the object clean afterwards.
  • Stainless steel scourer is a fast and handy tool to clean any kind of dirtiness from surfaces, but you must scrub spots in the direction of steel grain to prevent scratches on the cookware – you can find the direction of a grain by looking close at the directions of the tiny little lines on the surface, usually they are directed horizontally or vertically.

- Grandma`s golden idea:

Classic ladies have their own ways of treating things, especially when it comes to house chores matters, here is one golden tip to make your stainless steel always shine:

  • After cleaning your stainless steel cookware surface with the proper way, make sure you dry it completely.
  • Have a small amount of vinegar (normal concentration on a part of a kitchen towel, swipe the stainless steel surface, and make sure you dry the surface afterwards.
    Also you can spread the vinegar using a spray bottle, instead of using a kitchen towel.
  • Cut a lemon into two equal pieces, swipe the stainless steel surface with them, have a dry towel to completely swipe off the cookware, and look at the shiny cookware surface!

- And always remember:

  • A stainless cookware that lasts is often made of stainless steel mixed with aluminum or copper, and they are more efficient in cooking food.
  • Before you use a stainless steel pan or pot, make sure you season it with a little amount of oil, it will make the surface less sticky to the food, and therefore much easier to clean.

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