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Cake Baking Mistakes Everyone Needs To Stop Making

Cake Baking Mistakes Everyone Needs To Stop Making

Ever wonder why your cake does not taste good?

Or why it has a different result every time?

Many of us are not expert chefs, some of us don`t even have the experience of cooking or baking, therefore a good quality requires good detention on some details, and more trainings.

Common mistakes in baking cakes are usual, you don’t have to be sad about them, more knowledge and practicing will lead you to some better results.

Today we are going to discuss some of the most common mistakes in cake baking:

- Measuring flour instead of weighting it:

Using a kitchen scale in weighting flour is more accurate than a measuring cup, measuring cups are more suitable for liquids, also ordinary cups won`t give you the right accurate amount, which is needed for a baking`s mixture.

- Oven`s heating & treatment:

Putting a cake pan directly into an oven without preheating it is a common mistake, and this gives you different results on the cake`s quality, so you should always preheat your oven.

Also do not put the cake pan direct on the heating source, make sure you put it on the middle level (shelf) of the oven, if you are using a multi-level oven.

In addition; people like to open oven`s door frequently during baking, and that is wrong, only open the door 2 times at maximum, opening oven`s door gives cake unstable heating and leads sometimes to a fallen surface layer.

- Ingredients` temperature:

A freezing butter does not mix well with other elements, so make sure all ingredients have ordinary temperature (Room`s temperature), this will lead to a good mixture of elements.

- Using dark color pans:

This leads to an overheat temperature (as darker color absorb more heat), which will give you a dark brown cake or a burned surface layer!

- Choosing substitute ingredients:

A recipe creator created his own recipe with specific ingredients for a specific result, so if you want to make the same result, you got to stick to the recipe!

Some people would choose to replace an ingredient`s type with other similar one, for example; replacing butter with grease, or replacing white flower with brown flower, and of course this leads to a different result.

- Cooling cake:

People often do two common mistakes when it came to cooling off cake after baking…

The first one is leaving the cake to cool off into oven, and that will lead to a steamy wet cake caused by humidity and oven steams.

The second one is that they remove the cake right away from the pan, without giving it time to cool off, the right act is to leave the cake in the pan outside the oven for 30 minutes after baking.

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